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Tips and advice

Frequently asked questions

If you have any difficulties with aspects of your learning at home, the following are a series of frequently asked questions with answers that should help you get back on track.


Questions from Pupils

I am having difficulty accessing Show my homework or I have forgotten my pin-number.

  • Phone the school 01651 267470 to obtain a reminder of your pin number


I am unable to access Glow, I have forgotten my password.

  • Contact any of your class teachers who will be able to provide your password


How do I find out my SQA / Scottish candidate number?

  • Phone the school 01651 267470 for a reminder of your number


I do not understand the task or a question my teacher has set.

  • Contact your teacher through the class Team conversation channel or email them directly for support 

I am unable to access a laptop during the day as other members of my family need to use it.

  • Do not worry. You can complete your work when you can but please also let your Pastoral Care teacher know of any ongoing issues you experience


I am unable to upload my completed work either as pictures or files to my teacher.

  • Contact your teacher through the class Team conversation channel for assistance


I have fallen behind in my schoolwork and I am worried I will get into trouble from my teacher.

  • Contact your class teacher/s through the class Team conversation channel or email to explain challenges you are having

I need a new jotter to complete my work.

  • Arrangements are being made for these to be made available at a local shop. Once arrangements have been finalised, we will notify all, of the shops being used

I am having difficulty completing all the work I have been set. What should I do?

  • Contact your class teachers for advice or if you are overwhelmed by all your work please get in touch with your Pastoral Care teacher.


How do I ask a question to my teacher about the work set?

  • Contact them through the class Team conversation channel or by email


When will I find out if I have a place on the college schools link course?

  • This will be communicated shortly to pupils who have chosen this option. College courses usually will not start until September


When will I find out my subject choices for next year?

  • You will be given information about this within the next two weeks


I am concerned about my mental health.

  • You can access the information on supporting your wellbeing and mental health on the schools website for distance learning This section of the website gives you advice and links to various websites that could support you. Pastoral Care staff are also available to listen to your concerns. You can either email them or phone the school to speak directly to them – 01651 267470


I have submitted my work but have received an email saying I have not completed the work.

  • Unfortunately, there can be a short delay from the time the letter is generated by the teacher and it being emailed to your parents. In the meantime, you may have submitted your work. Please contact your teacher who will resolve this for you. To avoid any letters being sent to you please try to complete the set work on time. If you are having difficulty completing the work within the time given, contact your teacher on the class Team or email to let them know



I am concerned that I will not get a final grade that will meet the conditions for the university course I have accepted.

  • Once the results are published on 4th August and you are concerned about your results and university entrance. Please contact the university direct and explain your situation, they will be helpful in advising accordingly

Questions from Parents / Carers

My S4 child says s/he has no work to do and there is nothing on Teams.

  • If your child is in S4, 5 or 6, look on the Pupil Team on Glow where there are, a number of pre-engagement tasks for all subjects they have chosen on their options from. Pupils should continue working through these until the timetable change

  • All pupils in S1-3 have work submitted on Teams for all their classes. Ask your child to show you their classes on Teams to check the work set


My son/daughter does not know what subjects they will be allocated next year.

  • They will have a rough idea based on what they chose on their option form. Their options are not guaranteed, and this information will be confirmed to pupils in the next few weeks


I am really stressed as we do not know how to upload files and cannot submit homework. We have received letters saying s/he is not working. They are working on paper but do not know how to get the work to the teacher.

  • Take a photo and email it to the teacher. Teacher email addresses can be found in the task information


I do not know how to use the IT being used for distance learning.



We have a problem as our laptop/ phone has broken and have no other device to work on.

  • Please contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher, as soon as possible, who will be able to discuss a potential solution for you


I am trying to work at home and be teacher to my 3 children. I do not have time to spend on helping him/her all day. Now I am getting letters home saying work has not been submitted which ends up in arguments and tears.

  • You can only do what you can do, we appreciate that Parents/Carers have to balance their own work schedule with supporting their child/children.  We understand the challenges you face. We would ask that you continue to let us know when issues arise so we can inform the teachers and look at how we can help and support both parents and pupils



I am concerned about my child’s health and wellbeing what can I do.

  • There are a number of links and helpful websites on the schools distance learning website which should help support. Please also contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher who will also be able to advise and support yourselves



Thank you for helping us to keep the learning alive in your children and our pupils. We know that this continues to be a challenging experience for you in these uncertain times. Whilst the continuation of your child’s learning at home is of great importance, the crucial factor for us all, is that we keep mentally and physically well, as without this we cannot learn effectively. The wellbeing of everyone in your family is of utmost importance and should be carefully balanced with the learning tasks set.

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