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Online Learning Help Page

We know that many of you have found the transition to online learning a tricky process and have produced some Help Videos to ensure that you are best equipped to use the platforms we have available to access work, submit work and continue to learn during these difficult times.


The majority of faculties have been using Microsoft Teams to distribute work to learners and as such the majority of the videos below deal with Teams. Show My Homework is also being used, mainly as a place to access materials if Teams doesn't work for you.

Please click the following links to take you to the video you need, alternatively click here to view the entire series on YouTube from start to finish. 

If you are viewing the videos on a mobile device please access them on YouTube using the link above.

1. How do I log on to Glow?

2. How do I download Office (Word, Powerpoint etc.)?

3. How do I navigate Teams?

4. How do I download Teams?

5. How do I use Teams to keep in contact?

6. How do I use the Files tab in Teams?

7. A file won't open, how do I use SharePoint instead?

8. How do I find and organise my Assignments?

9. How do I find instructions for Assignments?

10. How do I open and use resources?

11. How do I edit resources?

12. How do I add my work to an Assignment?

13. How can I upload a picture of my work?

14. How do I let my teacher know I'm finished?

15. How do I get feedback on my work?

16. How do I use the Class Notebook?

17. How do I watch a PowerPoint properly?

18. How do I get the computer to read things for me?

19. What do I do if stuff doesn't work?

20. I'm using Show My Homework - how do I submit work there?

21. My teacher has given feedback using a rubric, how do I see it?

Hopefully you find these videos helpful, if you still have questions after watching them then please contact your teachers for help.


Sometimes you may want to upload a photo of a piece of work. This could be handy if you can’t get the Microsoft Apps to work! To do this it’s always a good idea to take the picture using your phone/tablet’s camera first then go into the Teams App, find the correct Assignment and click “Add Work”, there are slightly different methods for both Android & Apple so choose the relevant link below.

How to upload a picture using Android


How to upload a picture using iOS (Credit and thanks to James Doyle on Youtube for this!)


Sometimes you may prefer to submit your work on Show My Homework instead, this is particularly handy if you aren't managing to on Teams for any reason. The link below will take you to a video showing you how to use Show My Homework.

(Credit and thanks to Maricourt Catholic High School for this advice!)