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Working together for success

Health and Wellbeing

It is important to look after your Health and Wellbeing whilst at home. The following will help with this: 


NHS Change 4 Life website 

Young Minds Website

  • - This website is packed full of information and advice on how best to look after your emotional well being, which is particularly important at this time.

Young Scot Website

  • - This website has advice and information on a range of issues including how to deal with the coronavirus, studying and social media.

Active Aberdeenshire

  • As part of Live Life Aberdeenshire’s, Live Life@Home offering, Active Schools Aberdeenshire are releasing a weekly challenge on social media on a Monday morning for pupils to take part in and send in their best efforts during the week online.

  • The challenges will vary but include physical activities, quizzes and timed challenges.  So far we’ve had obstacle courses and alphabet exercises with plenty more to come. Therefore if you are looking for something different, then check out our social media feeds on a weekly basis for some new and exciting challenges and ideas.

  • Active Schools have also uploaded some fun activities and resource cards onto the Live Life Aberdeenshire, Live Life@Home webpage.  These alongside many other fun activities and videos across the many services in Live Life Aberdeenshire can be found

  • Active Schools Central - Covers the areas of Alford, Huntly, Inverurie, Kemnay, Oldmeldrum and Westhill.
    Facebook: Active Schools Aberdeenshire Central

Daily routine

Try where possible to keep a routine in line with the school day. If staff are able to work, they will try to do so in school time, and therefore may to be able to answer queries outside of that time. The following advice may be worth your consideration: 

  • Identify a comfortable and quiet place to learn.  

  • Be proactive and engaged in your learning.  

  • Review class posts on Show My Homework or Microsoft Teams regularly. 

  • Complete any tasks set on Show My Homework or Microsoft teams. 

  • Contact your class teacher via the Team if you have queries regarding the work. 

  • Ensure to either submit / mark as done / turn in documents on Classwork posts to mark that you have completed them. 

  • Complete all work with academic honesty (do not plagiarise).  


As Parents/Carers it is vital that we look after our own emotional health and well being too. The ever changing situation can make this very challenging - there are a number of sources of support and advice available . We have highlighted a few below.

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