S3 into S4


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Video transcript:

Video transcript

S3 into S4


Hello everyone,

This video is to outline the options process from S3/4/5 into S34/5/6 and allows you to stop and replay key parts you may miss in assemblies and/or options evenings. This video is aimed at pupils and parents and we hope that it is helpful in the options process.


Purpose of the video

  1. To explain the senior phase and the options available moving forward

  2. To allow you to consider 'good choices' moving forward and explain the options process

  3. To outline the subject choice website


BGE to Senior phase

The BGE runs from the age of 3 to the end of S3 and aims to equip young people with the breadth and depth of education to thrive in the future.

The curriculum followed from S1-S3 lays strong foundations and keeps options open for more specialised learning, qualifications and lifelong learning in the senior phase and beyond.


The senior phase is when National qualifications are taken. For those parents who are unsure what we mean when we say National 3-6 please see the SCQF info tab on the website for clarification.

The courses in the senior phase generally run for 1 year at a time, and each pathway pupils will take will be personalised to their desired goals. We have a combined senior phase which means S4/5/6 courses run in conjunction to ensure we can offer a vast array of subjects at as many levels as possible.


There are other offers in the senior phase also, such as NESCOL school links courses and Foundation apprenticeships.


It is about taking the right path, and not always the easy path.


Good choices in the options process

It is important to consider that young people gather information about their subject choice from a number of sources.

It is well known that parents are the number 1 valued source of information, and this subject choice website is aimed to guide parents to provide clear information about subjects and pathways moving forward.

The My world of work website (a link will be below this video) will also help and is an extremely valuable resource for parents and pupils alike.


Discussions will take place in PSE classes and individually with pupils and their teachers (and pastoral care teachers) with regards to this process also.


S4 only:

In S4 pupils will still take mandatory courses in English, Maths and RMPS and will have 1 period of PE and 2 core PE lessons.


Pupils will then select FOUR further options and will receive 5 periods in each subject area to maximise the guided learning hours for each course. By selecting 4 choices, and completing 3 mandatory courses pupils can focus on quality of qualification in the given time frame.



Some very important advice would be:

  1. Do not choose subjects because your friends are. They are not guaranteed to be in your class.

  2. Do not select a subject just because you like the teacher, as we cannot always guarantee that teacher will be yours in years to come.

  3. Consider what your future may look like. Information about courses we run in the senior phase is available on this website and the pathways on each subject page are very important. You will also need to consider pathways beyond school.

  4. Each subject overview page on the website has a My World of Work link on it that takes you to a subject choice toolkit. This toolkit allows you to add your subjects and look at potential career routes in the future. You will have more subjects to add to this as you move up the school through S4 into S5 and into S6 should you wish to stay at school.

  5. You will need to know your glow username and password for this process as options forms will be submitted online as a final step.

  6. There is a 2 week window for you to complete your options forms, whereby discussions with staff and parents is very important.

  7. Finally, your pastoral care teacher will look at your over all options with you. It is important that you take the opportunity to outline the reasons for your choices if possible in the space provided. This allows me and the rest of SMT to allocate subjects as best as possible.


The options process:

  1. An options assembly will take place on Monday 24th February 2020. You will be given your options form in this assembly.

  2. You will be guided to use this website to help you make your decision. The website looks better in google chrome but has been set up for mobile use also. It demonstrates pathways for each faculty and also other options available to you.

  3. Speak to members of teaching staff around the school about your choices. You will need to have each subject signed off by a member of staff from the faculty you are wishing to go into, to show you have had the appropriate discussions.

  4. Take your form home and get it signed after discussion with your parents.

  5. Bring it back by the deadline and get it signed by pastoral care. DO NOT just leave it for pastoral care as you need to discuss your options.

  6. You will then be asked to submit your options online using the link in the ‘options forms’ page on this website. Make sure you click the correct link and that this is done by Friday 6th March 2020. Any late submissions will be added once we have allocated places to those who handed it in on time. There is no reward for early returns.

Click here for the S3/4/5 into S4/5/6 subject choice presentation and College links presentation.

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