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Working together for success

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Access to Corporate, Glow and Teams

  • Staff can now take laptops home and this link shows you how to connect to the internet from home. You MUST have your laptop on in school and take it home switched on and then connect when you get home. This connects your profile. If you require support from AskFred the help desk will be open Mon-Fri 8-4pm. The number is 01467 538 000.

  • For any member of staff who does not have access, or needs a secondary device to work at home, you are welcome to sign out and take home a Chromebook from English or Social Subjects. The sign in sheets are on the top of the trolleys and you can access the internet (and therefore glow) via the Chromebook at home. It will connect to your home network. Please do not take a Chromebook prior to any notification about closing. Also, please bring it back when we return.

  • Glow usernames and passwords - any member of staff can change a pupil glow password in the glow management tab on glow - Click here For advice on how to change pupils passwords.

  • Please move anything you may need onto glow if you have not already. This can be in the whole school SharePoint or within the setup you may have as a faculty already. Whatever suits best. 

  • Please use the Meldrum Academy staff team - corporate for communication in the first instance. We will also have access to Skype for business and emails as laptops can now be taken home. Click here to see how to connect at home.

  • The temporary staff team ‘TEMP Meldrum Academy staff team’  - based in Glow will remain as a backup. There will only be one channel allocated ‘general’ to streamline this. Only staff in the school are in this team. If you need to know staffs glow usernames you can again find these in the management console (at the top of the main page when you log into glow – your launchpad).

  • Microsoft Teams also has a calls function so take your headset home. You can team meet and video chat which could be very helpful for faculties wishing to meet. This shows you how to start a call from a chat in teams Click here

  • Our priorities in terms of learning and teaching until 24-04-2020 are as follows (and parents/pupils will be informed of this):


Priority 1 = S456 – completion of any work and revision purposes.

Priority 2 = S3.

Priority 3 = S1-2.

Following this our priority will be S1-3 due to study leave. 


  • For those pupils who cannot access a device or the internet at home we still need to consider providing work. Please be mindful of these pupils. The pupils who outlined the need for Non-ICT based learning the list was circulated by email on Thursday 19th March and is a live link to an excel file. 



  • SHOW MY HOMEWORK can and should be used where possible and may help some parents. Some pupils do not have their log in details, but both parents and pupils can access the calendar and therefore their child’s homework. This link will be helpful for all users: . Although this doubles your workload if using teams, please try where possible to post tasks on SMHW so parents are aware.

Child Protection Procedures

  • Even though you will not be seeing pupils face to face there is the possibility that you will be alerted to child protection concerns through the online communications that you have with pupils.

  • Please click here for the procedures to follow if you have a concern about a child/young person and/or a child/young person makes a disclosure online.


Corporate Access

  • You should now have access to seemis on your device if you take your laptop home. If for any reason you cannot access for any reason please go to your faculty head in the first instance and then Pastoral care, then SMT.


  • IF you do wish to register your own device at home to access emails etc this is how you go about it (Arcadia link). There is no expectation you do this. - click here


  • If you require support if we are away from school by all means message me on skype (corporate) or the Staff Team and I (or anyone else) can help where possible. If I am for some reason away either call or message me at 07930 736 505 for any help (WhatsApp is easiest). 


  • This site I previously used has many tips of the day on it that may help some of you - Tips of the day  


Health and Well Being


  • DO NOT give personal email addresses to pupils or use social media unnecessarily. Please use Microsoft Teams where possible. You can, if you wish, use your glow email to correspond with pupils using their glow email address.


  • Try not to introduce something completely new to pupils that you haven’t introduced in class. If possible, please explain to pupils what you intend to do if we were to close (for example – just use SMHW, or Teams and SMHW, for example).


  • DO be transparent in your communication with pupils. The chat function (I believe) is disabled for pupils and staff, so use the team channel where necessary. You can @tag pupils if you wish to do so, or tag the whole group by using the @ sign and then tagging. This will send a notification. This link shows you how: Click here


  • IF you wish to set up your own faculty WhatsApp groups for work purposes you can work this via a web browser which may streamline communication -


  • To set assignments in Microsoft teams click here for a how to guide: Click here


  • For full help on Microsoft teams this link is brilliant: Click here  


  • A presentation will be prepared to show to pupils with regards to distance learning and expectations. More info on this will be provided when necessary.


  • It may be difficult for some of you to stick to the school day in terms of your workload, but please be mindful not to put additional stress on yourself whilst away from work. There is no expectation that you work longer hours than you normally do.

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