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The following information is a guide to learning from home during the period we are not in school. It is important us that we enable you to learn as best as possible during this time and require your support and hard work to make this work. Please read the information below with regards to information that may help you. 

General information

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The following information is in regard to your health whilst away from school. These links will take you to websites which help inform you of the issue, and reasons we are not in school. It is extremely important to us that you stay safe and look after yourself. Please follow NHS guidelines as outlined below. 

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Distance/Online learning 

​As a school we will be prioritising S4-6 work due to upcoming examinations. Work, where possible, will be set for pupils in S1-3 also. All learning will now take place away from school until further notice. The work may take shape in a variety of ways, as follows: 


  • Work will be put onto Show My Homework and should be accessed where possible. The following link is helpful in providing access information  


  • Most work will take place via TEAMS in GLOW. It is important you know your GLOW password and if you do not, you can change this using the ‘forgotten your password’ link on the Glow login page.  This can be done on your mobile device or on a desktop/laptop/Chromebook if you have this available. If not, please let a teacher know and other work can be provided. Click here to log into Glow -

  • For more information about how to use Teams and other aspects of Glow, please watch our series of Help Videos by clicking here.



  • If you wish to complete some learning on your own, sites such as are fantastic and can benefit your learning greatly.  

  • My World of Work ( continues to be available to pupils and teachers. Pupils will be able to access their My Wow account from home and will have the ‘To-Do-List’ on their account overview to remind them of the activities they can be completing.


  • For pupils in S4-6 you can access Scholar - Scholar has excellent resources for the following courses (overleaf): 


Accessing Microsoft from home 

There are a few ways you can access Microsoft from home: 

  • On a personal device. Using your app store (or equivalent) download Microsoft products you may need (Teams for example) and sign into it using your GLOW details.  

  • Go to Glow via a browser (chrome/edge/safari etc) and access the necessary applications. 

  • Download the applications for free from Glow. This link explains how to do this.  


SQA Examinations (S4-6) 

The SQA have announced that exams will be cancelled. This short video shows the announcement. When we have more information we will share it with you. This is the most up to date link for information at present:





Contacting staff 

The manner which we have advised staff to be in contact with pupils is via Microsoft Teams in the first instance and then glow emails as a backup. You can contact staff via Teams in a class channel, and we advise using the @tag function to notify the teacher of a question. Please remember to be polite in conversation and address staff appropriately.  

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the closure of the school, Skills Development Scotland cannot deliver career services face to face, but they are still there to help. You can contact your school Careers Advisers, Alison Muir or Kirsty Hannon for career information, advice and guidance at or or visit


Health and wellbeing 

It is important to look after your Health and Wellbeing whilst at home. The following will help with this: 


NHS Change 4 Life website 

Young Minds Website

  • - This website is packed full of information and advice on how best to look after your emotional well being, which is particularly important at this time.

Young Scot Website

  • - This website has advice and information on a range of issues including how to deal with the coronavirus, studying and social media.

Daily routine

Try where possible to keep a routine in line with the school day. If staff are able to work, they will try to do so in school time, and therefore may to be able to answer queries outside of that time. The following advice may be worth your consideration: 

  • Identify a comfortable and quiet place to learn.  

  • Be proactive and engaged in your learning.  

  • Review class posts on Show My Homework or Microsoft Teams regularly. 

  • Complete any tasks set on Show My Homework or Microsoft teams. 

  • Contact your class teacher via the Team if you have queries regarding the work. 

  • Ensure to either submit / mark as done / turn in documents on Classwork posts to mark that you have completed them. 

  • Complete all work with academic honesty (do not plagiarise).  


​Online safety 

It is very important you balance your time well online and do not become over reliant on social media. The following websites are important to consider with regards to online safety and we recommend you having a look when you get the opportunity: 






Final statement 

Whilst we understand that distance learning is not ideal, we need to try and make the best of this situation and stay positive. We will endeavour to support your learning as best as possible and would hope that you would engage and work hard to achieve your potential.  

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