This course consists of 3 units.  in unit 1 Cell Biology you will learn about cell division and its role in growth and repair, DNA genes and chromosomes, Therapeutic uses of cells and controversial biological procedures, the properties of enzymes and microorganisms and their uses in industries and the process of respiration and the factors affecting it 

In unit 2 Multicellular organisms you will learn about sexual and asexual reproduction including their importance for species survival, propagating and growing plants, commercial use of plants, the effect of limiting factors on photosynthesis, genetic information, growth and development of different organisms and homeostasis (how the body responds to external conditions) 

In unit 3 You will learn how animal and plant species depend on each other, The impact of population growth and natural hazards on biodiversity, the nitrogen cycle,  fertilisers and their impact on the environment, adaptations for survival and how behaviour can be learned in response to a stimuli as well as how this impacts on the survival of the organism (and species) 


This course is ideal for those with an interest in biology or for those wishing to continue through the courses to National 5 and beyond. This course is designed to enable you to develop an understanding of the way biology can be applied to issues facing individuals and society today such as the demands of an increasing population has on natural resources 


In class you will participate in a range of learning activities both individually and in groups.  There will be an emphasis on gaining and applying knowledge as the development of problem solving skills.  Wherever possible practical work will underpin theory and form part of the learning experience.


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Homework will consist of a range of worksheets and research tasks designed to support classwork.  It will not be at a set time, but as and when required.

How you will be assessed

There will be 3 End of unit tests at National 4 level.  Those who pass will sit the extension tests designed to stretch your knowledge and understanding.  Those who do not pass N4 tests will sit N3 tests, with a resit at N4 level once the pupil is ready.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course

S4 and beyond

This course will lead you into studying biology at National 5 level, but will also allow you to choose another science course at National 4 or an NPA course.

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