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What do you know about your country? How well do you know Scotland’s rich and diverse history? And do you know where Scotland stands on the world stage? If you’re interested in learning more about Scotland, it’s history, culture, society and environment, then Scottish Studies may be the subject for you!


This course will provide opportunities for you to develop your knowledge and understanding of Scotland, it’s people, society, culture and environment, all while developing important skills for future learning and work.



The study of Scotland - in terms of its people, languages (for example Scots and Gaelic), society, culture, natural and built environment, and heritage — provides many opportunities for learners to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, and to make connections across the curriculum. This is due to the fact that Scotland and its people have made, and continue to make, significant contributions in many areas of society both at home and abroad. These contributions have had, and will continue to have, lasting effects in areas such as the sciences, engineering, literature and language, the arts, business, industry and the media. Scottish society is diverse, encompassing people from a wide range of cultures and historical backgrounds. Through emigration and immigration, Scotland’s people and culture have influenced, and in turn been influenced by, the people and cultures of many other countries. The physical environment of Scotland is also diverse and attracts visitors from around the world.

The topics studied in S3 Scottish studies are:

  • Introduction to Scotland and it’s natural environment

  • The Scottish wars of Independence

  • The Scottish Justice System

  • Scottish Beliefs and Values

  • Scotland in Focus: an independent research project


The purpose of this course is to allow you to broaden your knowledge of Scotland whilst developing and applying the skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to your other chosen subject areas. You will have a choice of topics, from a range of subject areas, which can be studied in a Scottish context.


The main aims of the course are to give you the opportunity to:

  • develop and apply skills, knowledge and understanding in your chosen subject areas

  • make connections across these areas by studying them in a Scottish context

  • develop an understanding of the contribution that Scotland and its people, past and/or present, have made, and continue to make, in these areas

  • reflect on the place of Scotland within the wider context of the United Kingdom, Europe and/or the rest of the world

  • explore an aspect of Scottish Studies that is of particular interest to you

  • develop the skills of planning, reviewing sources and selecting relevant information, and skills of reflection

  • develop, with support, your ability to become an independent learner


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Each topic we study will include at least one piece of homework which will aim to develop the skills we are learning in class. However, pupils are encouraged to develop their own interest in learning about and from Scotland by researching into a topic of their choice which relates to Scotland and Scottish Studies. They will do some of this research in their own time.

How you will be assessed

There will be unit assessments for the topics Scottish Wars of independence, The Scottish Justice System, and Scottish Beliefs and Values. The Scotland in Focus unit is an independent research topic which will also be used to assess research skills which pupils have developed throughout the course. If all units are passed, pupils will be eligible to receive a SCQF Level 4 Award.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Most careers will benefit from your experience in Scottish Studies due to the skills you are developing throughout the course, however some jobs more closely related to the knowledge and skills learned are social care and social work, teaching, surveying, archaeology, library or museum historian, heritage centre management, broadcasting and journalism, MSP and politics, police work, and much more.

S4 and beyond

Scottish Studies in S3 is a good course to help pupils develop the skills they need to be successful in National 4 Social Subjects. Pupils can also progress by taking National 3/4 People and Society or Travel and Tourism to further develop the skills for National level courses.

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