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The S3 elective RMPS course is designed to work alongside the core RMPS course whilst building the necessary skills for successful study at N5 level in S4. In this course you will further develop your critical thinking skills by considering the views and beliefs of others in comparison to your own. You will investigate an aspect of beliefs and values in society on an issue or topic of your choice. You will also have the chance to organise a charity event for a charity of your choice. Both of these topics will contribute to a N3 or N4 Religion, Beliefs and Values award.


As with the core RMPS course, this course will teach you how to challenge your own ideas as well as the ideas of others. The course provides opportunities to develop transferrable skills that will benefit you in all other subjects. Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, research skills, expressing a reasoned viewpoint among others.


You will have the opportunity to gain a N3 or N4 course in S3, meaning you will have an additional course award on your S4 SQA certificate!

Social Subjects with RMPS


The topics studied in the ‘Social Subjects with RMPS’ course are:


  • Introduction to World Beliefs, ancient and modern

  • Investigating Religion and Belief (N3/4 RBV unit 1)

  • Values in Action (N3/4 RBV unit 2)

  • Introduction to Philosophical skills for National RMPS


The purpose of this course is to allow you to develop key skills such as critical thinking, considering reasons for your opinions, viewing topics from various perspectives and challenging assumptions about world issues. By developing these skills, you will be making connections with other subject areas and preparing for the National 5 course if you chose to take it in S4.



Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Homework will be given as and when required and will usually be researching a topic or watching a documentary and taking notes to inform future lessons. You will also be asked to finish work at home if necessary.

How you will be assessed

  • As this is an S3 course, there are no formal exams. Units will be assessed through in-class assessments and will provide you with constructive feedback to allow you to develop your skills for further Social Subjects studies in S4.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Most careers will benefit from your experience in RMPS however some jobs more closely related to the knowledge and skills learned are:


Law, politics, psychology, teaching, social work, social care, youth work, health care (including nursing and medicine), counselling, community work, broadcasting and journalism, charity administration and fundraising and human resources.

S4 and beyond

If you choose to take RMPS In S4-6 you can do National 5 RMPS, Higher RMPS and Higher Philosophy; all of which will allow you to further develop your critical thinking skills.

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