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The PE Studies course enables candidates to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to perform effectively in a range of physical activities and enhance their physical wellbeing. This course is suited to candidates who enjoy improving their practical performance but also have a keen interest in developing their understanding of the theory aspect of Physical Education. 

Please note some of the activities which may be on offer in our creative course: 

Badminton, Dance, Zumba, Fitness, Gymnastics, Netball 



Physical Education gives you the opportunity to develop your personal fitness and increase your enjoyment and skills in physical activities.  You will have the opportunity to improve your sports performance skills in a range of activities. Candidates work both independently and co-operatively to develop thinking and interpersonal skills. This makes physical education an ideal platform for developing confidence, resilience, responsibility and the ability to work with others. Experiential learning activities encourage candidates to develop an understanding of the benefits of participation in physical activities to their mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing.  It will help you to develop confidence, resilience, initiative, decision making and team working skills.  It is particularly suitable for those who love physical activity and enjoy learning in practical ways.  

The course consists of four main units that will be taught predominantly in a practical setting: 


1. Factors Impacting on Performance: 

In this unit students will learn about the four factors (Physical, Mental, Social & Emotional) which can have an impact on their performance. 

2. Cycle of Analysis 

In this unit pupils will experience how to use a range of data collection methods and undergo a cycle of analysis of their performance. 


3. Developing Performance: 

Pupils will be taught the different stages of skill learning and improve their understanding of different methods of training. 


4. Event Organisation and Officiating: 

Students will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by contributing to the organisation of a class tournament. 


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Regular homework will be issued and will include written and practical tasks. 

How you will be assessed

Work will be assessed through ongoing monitoring using a variety of: 

Performance observations, verbal/written questioning, self and peer assessment, notes planning work, video/photo evidence. 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Most careers will benefit from your experience in Physical Education. Specifically, a career in sports science, teaching, physiotherapy, sports coaching, personal trainer, dietician are some examples of a career where Physical Education may be particularly relevant 


Some of the employability skills which are developed through Physical Education are: 


Throughout the course you will have to communicate with your peers both when participating in game activities and during your training sessions. You will also be given the opportunity to plan and deliver your own training session.



Many aspects of PE involves working in teams towards a common goal. Through playing team sports and carrying out your training sessions you will have to learn how to work well with others in the class for this process to be successful. 

Problem Solving: 

Throughout the cycle of analysis you will have to determine your strengths and weakness and discover how best to improve your performance. 

Planning & Organisation: 

You will be given the opportunity to plan and deliver your own training session.  

Taking Initiative: 

You will have to adapt your training sessions and ensure you take responsibility to develop your own performance. 

S4 and beyond

Progression will be dependent on progress and attainment in this course and this will be discussed with learners throughout the year in collaboration with the class teacher.  Pupils may have the opportunity to continue to study PE in S4 through National 4 or 5 Physical Education or in the National 5 Skills for Work: Sports & Recreation Course.  This would then allow progression to Higher Physical Education or an NPA Level 6 course in Sports Development. 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Anonymous - S3

I chose to do PE because I do sport outside of school and PE helps with my fitness levels. I enjoy the creative element and being given the opportunity to come up with my own dance and gymnastics routines. If you have an interest in sport I would recommend this course.

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