S3 Music Technology is suitable for anyone who enjoys music and wants to further their knowledge of using Technology to create music. You do not have to play any instruments to take this course.



If you enjoy creating music and working and audio and sound then this is an ideal course for you.

There are many opportunities to develop transferable skills though practical and written tasks in groups and on your own. 

You may be asked to operate the sound for any school events.

  • Working solely on MacBooks, you are not required to be able to play an instrument but if you wish to use your instrument skills then you can.

  • You will use Garageband  to create projects such as a Radio Show, TV Adverts, Dance Track, Audio Books and a Film Soundtrack.

  • Collaborative learning: learners can work independently and with others to learn how to record live instruments as they would in a studio, learning about different microphone techniques and how to mix tracks.

  • Learners will be required to complete short reports on different genres such as Punk, Hip Hop, Dance/Electronica and Celtic Rock. We will also explore copyright law.

The course assessment consists of: 

  • Short listening quizzes to assess knowledge and understanding of 20th and 21st Century Popular Music.

  • Practical tasks, self and peer assessed to assess understanding of Music Technology Skills.


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Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Homework could be in any of the following forms: 


  • Completion of short reports on different genres of music  such as Punk, Hip Hop, Dance/Electronica and Celtic Rock.

  • Collecting objects to create and record Foley sounds.

  • Explore Intellectual Property and Copyright.

  • Interviewing Family/friends about Music  and pop culture when they were growing up.

How you will be assessed

Your work may be assessed in many different ways e.g.:

  • Practical tasks may be assessed by yourself, your peers or your teacher.

  • Your understanding of  20th and 21st Century music will be assessed through short listening quizzes, questions and class discussion as well as end of unit assessments.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Some typical careers that you might immediately think of include music teacher, music therapist, music critic, session musician, Foley artist, theatre technician, DJ, radio presenter, sound engineer, agent,  film scorer, and video game composer.

However, most careers will suit a course in music technology, as even if not directly linked to performing arts, music technology will allow young people to become more rounded individuals. Primary teacher, lawyer/solicitor, doctor, nurse, dentist, orthodontist, beautician, vet, nursery nurse, journalist, IT Analyst, librarian, events management, advertising, local government project officer, mathematician, banking, management positions, web designer and college/university lecturer are only some examples. 



Skills developed through Music Technology:

Problem Solving: working independently, resilience, time management, positive work ethic. 

Leadership: building confidence, organisational skills. All music courses require you to complete coursework which demands you take responsibility for your own learning and have a proactive, motivated attitude towards your studies. 

Teamwork:  recording assignments.

Communication:  presenting, interaction with others, using clear and concise language to effectively express your thoughts and ideas when both analysing music and reviewing your composition.


Other: dexterity , fine motor skills and memory skills.

S4 and beyond

The course in S3 will cover some of the National 3 music and technolgoy concepts. You will also begin to look at National 4/5 work in preparation for further study in S4. The courses available in S4 are National 4 or National 5 Music and National 4 or 5 Music Technology.

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Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Ava - S3

I took Music Technology in S3 as I am drawn to music but I don't play any instruments. I have really enjoyed the course especially the practical projects. I recommend this course as an option in S3 as its fun, hands on and interesting. 

Vintage Music Store

Innes - S3

I have enjoyed composing my own stuff in GarageBand and you are shown how to use it properly but after that you are given a lot of freedom. I would like to do something with Music Technology in the future.

Recording Studio

Alphonse - S3

I picked this course because it interested me and it is something that I enjoy. I have enjoyed the freedom you are given to create something that is unique. I have enjoyed the Sound Design and Foley project the most.  The course was easier than I thought once you got the hang of using all the equipment. I would recommend this course because there is nothing else like it and it's enjoyable and interesting to learn about Music Technology.

Recording Studio