The S3 Home Economics BGE course allows pupils to develop their practical cookery skills as well as having an increased awareness of how a healthy diet impacts on overall Health and Wellbeing. You will take part in a wide variety of practical cookery lessons, mostly cooking twice every week, building on the basic skills you have gained in S2.


Healthy, nutritionally balanced food is crucial to our wellbeing.  The course will suit you if you love food and cooking and want to develop your skills in this area to a very high level.   


Being able to cook for yourself and others is a valuable life skill and can lead to a range of careers, including working in hotels and restaurants, the health sector and the food industry. In preparing candidates for life, the course anticipates their future needs and enables them to learn how to plan, prepare and cook food for themselves and others. It also develops organisational skills, which have an application in a wide variety of contexts. 


You will learn about food hygiene and put your knowledge into practice when working the in the kitchen.  Also, as part of the course you will learn more about healthy eating and how healthy food choices impact on our everyday lives as well as preparing dishes for people who have special nutritional and dietary needs e.g. vegans, diabetics and young children. 


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Regular homework will be issued and will contain a mixture of both written and practical tasks. 

How you will be assessed

You will be assessed through a combination of practical, written and peer assessments. 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Most careers will benefit from your experience in practical cookery. Specifically, a career in catering, dietician, nutritionist, budget analysis, childcare, chefs and head cooks. 


Some of the employability skills which are developed through practical cookery are: 

Planning and Organisation: 

During your practical tasks you will have to prepare ingredients and a food plan accordingly. Ensuring your workstation is kept clean and organised. 

Problem Solving: 

Working independently and demonstrating resilience in order to counter any issues you may need to resolve. 

Time Management: 

In order to follow a recipe, you will learn how to manage your time appropriately and multitask when necessary. 

S4 and beyond

Pupils who wish to continue their progress in Home Economics may progress to Nat 4/5 Hospitality practical cookery. This would benefit any learner who wishes to pursue a career in the food and health industries 

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