Computers are everywhere and vital to everyday life!  They shape the world in which we live in industries such as science, communications, entertainment, education, business and home life.  You will build on your experiences in S1/2 and explore further a variety of computing aspects. 



The course aims to broaden your computing science knowledge and skills by allowing you to:  

  • Understand the world through computational thinking 

  • Understand and analyse computing technology 

  • Design, build and test computing solutions 

The S3 course is comprised of 4 units:  


  • Database Design and Development 

  • Web Design and Development 

  • Software Design and Development 

  • Computer Systems 


Database Design and Development - Analyse and design relational databases. Create data entry forms, use queries to access the data. 


Web Design and Development – Design and build web pages using appropriate mark-up language that includes interactivity. 


Software Design and Development - Understand computer programming and be able to implement, from algorithms written in pseudocode, a range of programs in the Visual Basic programming language that involve the use of variables and constructs such as sequence, selection and repetition.  


Computer Systems – Understand basic computer architecture components, how machine code instructions are stored and executed within a computer system. Understand how computers communicate and share information over networks 


In this course you will learn how to think computationally and work with technology to analyse problems and create solutions.  


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Homework will be given to reinforce your learning and to assess your progress.  Very often it may be to read over work or notes we have been doing in class or it can be to prepare for a class test. 

How you will be assessed

Work will be assessed through  


  • ongoing monitoring of classwork and class activities 

  • Graded tests to help you decide whether you are confident to do National 5 in S4 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


This course is suitable for all learners who are interested in becoming a:   


Web Developer 

Software Engineer 

IT Trainer 


Database Administrator 

Games Developer 

Network Manager 

Forensic Computer Analyst 

Airline Pilot 


The following link will give you an idea of some of the jobs people with a computing science background might do: 


Careers in Computing Science 

S4 and beyond

National 5 leading to Higher Computing Science 

NPA L4/5 Games Development leading to NPA L5/6 Games Development 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Joel - S3

I picked this course after I found an enjoyment in the art of programming. I personally appreciated the database course as it showed me how to control information within a database. No, I do not have any regrets choosing computing science as I have enjoyed everything. I would recommend the course as it has been very enjoyable. 

Typing on a Computer

Henry - S3

I chose this course as enjoyed programming in S2 and wanted to continue with it in S3. I have enjoyed programming in Visual Basic as the work is challenging but enjoyable once you get into it. If you enjoyed computing units in S1 and S2, such as databases and programming, I would recommend taking this course in S3.  

Graph on Computer

Lexie - S3

I picked computing science for the S3 year because I think it's very useful to know your way around a computer. I have enjoyed this course because understanding how to code is very good for future it's also very rewarding when you finish a task because they challenge your abilities. I would recommend computing because it does test your abilities, I would actually class it as fun, and it is very important if you want to do anything that involves a computer. I would not pick this subject if you don’t even want to try because it will just be a waste of your time and the teachers because it is a challenging course so try your hardest and it will definitely help you later in life. It's fun!!! 

Computer Screens

James - S3

I have enjoyed this course very much; it has been a lot of fun learning Visual Basic and being able to understand computers. I hope I will be able to take this subject next year and I think it will help me in the future. 


Thanks to all the teachers in the BEIT department for making this such an enjoyable subject!