This course is suitable for you if you: 


  • Enjoy using IT software such as Word, Powerpoint and Spreadsheets and would like to develop these skills further 

  • Enjoy using the internet to research and extract information 

  • You like to use your creative skills to design posters and leaflets 

  • You like to plan and organise events 


Administration is a growing sector which cuts across the entire economy and offers wide-ranging employment opportunities.  This subject will teach you to effectively develop your use of IT software to an industry standard and to learn how to contribute positively to the Administration of an organisation to ensure that it runs successfully. 


In addition, the course makes an important contribution to supporting the wider curriculum and a learner’s general education through developing a range of essential organisational and IT skills which will stand you in good stead regardless of the career path you ultimately choose. 


The skills you will develop are: 


  • Digital skills in the use of word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and database software 

  • Communication and digital skills using methods of communication eg email 

  • Knowledge and understanding of how key legislation affects businesses and employees 

  • Knowledge and understanding of how organisations can develop effective customer care 

  • Organisational skills in the context of organising and support events 

  • Knowledge and understanding of administration in the workplace and of the attributes required of effective administrators 



A variety of learning and teaching approaches can be expected within this course including individual working, group work and peer learning.  There will also be the opportunity for active and independent learning through self and peer evaluations, reflecting on learning, problem solving and making decisions.  


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Homework will be given regularly to consolidate your learning and to assess your progress.  Homework activities will take a variety of forms and will consist of eg revision exercises, mind maps.

How you will be assessed

Work will be assessed through: 


  • ongoing monitoring of classwork and class activities 

  • mini scenarios where you work within a “real-life” problem solving business situation where you have been appointed to work as an Administrator for a firm 

  • Assessment for Learning techniques – use of mini whiteboards, video clips, Microsoft Forms, Kahoot and other day to day activities which indicate progress 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


A wide range of job opportunities are available for you to consider eg Receptionist, Administrative or Clerical Assistant, Library or Information Assistant, Customer Service Administrator, Health Records Staff, Local Government Administrative Assistant 



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S4 and beyond

The potential courses you could take after this course in S4 are:

National 4 or 5 Administration.