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27th April onward

Pupils currently in S3 will have work set the times/days below. Pupils will need to know which columns they currently have classes in, so staff have been asked to change the names of their Microsoft Teams to reflect the columns certain subjects are in. Each task will be set for 7 days and will be submitted anytime within the week up to the 7 days period. 

For example - if a pupil has Music in Column C they will have work set at 9am on a Monday morning, due in at 9am the following Monday. 

This has been created to enable pupils to manage their workloads and prepare well for next years timetable. 

If you have any questions please contact your Pastoral care teacher in the first instance (details are in the pupil support page of this website).


The table below shows the usual times of the week the classes would have normally been. For example - Column F for S3 was on a Monday period 1 and a Tuesday p1-2. Column F subjects will now be set on a Wednesday pm.

This may help you to know when work may be set for all columns using the table above. 

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