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Our Achieve programme, which has recently been recognised by Ofsted as supporting students' emotional health and wellbeing, is a flexible provision for 11-19 year olds that gives them the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in education. From improving attainment, attendance, personal and social skills and engagement with education, Achieve helps young people to develop healthy habits which have long helped young people of school age to reach their potential, both in education and in their future employment.


SCQF Level 3/4


1 Year full time/

5 periods per week 


Class based work and  Personal portfolio


No exam


No necessary costs


Community Learning and Development workers



This course is for Young people aged 11 to 19-years-old who are struggling to fulfil their true potential or who need support to re-engage with education.

The new Achieve programme is designed to help disadvantaged young people who are struggling to develop important character skills through relevant, engaging and informal learning. It will connect young people with the world of work and equip them with the transferrable skills and knowledge they need to succeed, focusing particularly on literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Working together with others in a team building setting building strong relationships learning in a practical and alternative way in a relaxed setting within and out with the school.

We'll be providing delivery partners with a suite of high-quality session materials, in-depth training and increased opportunities to engage with our network of corporate partners - offering exclusive, skills-boosting opportunities for young people.


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

what will you get?

None, all applicants will be interviewed prior to acceptance on the course to ensure suitability and commitment.

The applicants need to be aware of the Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme and wanting to take part in the full programme.

The course to helps change the lives of young people who wouldn't normally have the opportunities. It can certainly change your life if you are committed to the programme. It also offers the opportunity to get involved with something you haven’t already thought of and meet new people along the way.

There will be an opportunity to get involved in other youth awards alongside the programme.

There is a team building day out at an activity centre at the end of the full programme for all in the group that have shown enthusiasm, commitment, completed their personal portfolios and achieved the full award.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Employers, colleges and universities recognise the Princes’ Trust award and because it is so different and personal and they like the commitment that you have contributed often makes companies\people consider your application as it is something different to other applications.  

You can also advance onto further prince’s trust training if suitable.

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Angharad - S5

I would recommend Prince’s Trust as it is good for team building and I have enjoyed it as it gives you different opportunities e.g. Cooking and exercise. It also is different to a normal class and its personally easier for me to learn.

Go Team

Anonymous - S5

I’ve enjoyed the Prince’s Trust because it’s a relaxed environment where there is less pressure so its easier to work. I would recommend it to others.

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