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NESCOL information

School Links courses

The following information has been passed on to all pupils attending college for school links courses:

  • All College pupils will not attend College. Pupils will need to keep track of work set themselves as done previously. This applies to S4-S6 pupils.

UPDATE: Links Courses session 24-25 - click the link below:

If you are unable to find the class code or course name for any reason, please instruct the pupils to log in to ‘Blackboard’ as all the lecturers have been requested to post a Welcome message for their classes, with information for when they will expect to see their pupils online.

Pupils need to be fully enrolled onto their courses, before they are able to access ‘Blackboard’, so please remind them to do this as there are still a large number of pupils not yet enrolled.  This includes new offers that have been made in last couple of weeks.


Here is the enrolment link:

Full time College courses

NESCOL are still accepting full time College course applications for the August term. More information can be found at 

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