SCQF LEVEL 5 - National 5

This course develops knowledge and understanding of psychological explanations for individual and social behaviour. Studying psychology enables you to find out some of the ways that thoughts and the environment can affect how we feel and behave.


N5 psychology has three areas of study with mandatory topics and some optional topic within each to offer personalisation and choice.


These are:

Research - This introduces you to the research process, research methods and ethics used in psychology. Here you will develop knowledge and understanding of factors to consider when planning and carrying out psychological research. This will be applied in your assignment.

Individual behaviour - This enables you to use psychology to explain individual behaviour. In it you will investigates topics and learn how these topics can be explained using psychological theories. The mandatory area of study is Sleep and Dreams with optional topics on Phobias or Personality

Social behaviour - This explains how interaction with others shapes social behaviour. You will investigate social psychological topics and use relevant concepts and research evidence to explain how the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of individuals are developed through interaction within the social environment. The mandatory area of study is Conformity with options to study Altruism or Non-verbal communication.


National 5


1 Year full time/

5 periods per week


Assignment -

Literature review then plan, carry out and write-up your own investigation (30% of final grade) 


2 hour exam paper (70% of final grade)



Mrs Rennie 



The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in developing their knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, either to pursue a career related to psychology or to broaden your learning experience. You will probably have little or no prior experience of studying psychology, but an interest in human behaviour and life experience provides a good foundation to progress to this qualification.

The course is based around learning and using appropriate psychological concepts, theories, research methods and evidence to investigate and explain human behaviour in a range of contexts.  In class you will participate in a range of learning activities, individually and in groups.  There will be an emphasis on the application of knowledge and the development of skills and at times you will be expected to learn independently on option areas of study. 


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

National 4 Biology (or above) or equivalent science qualification AND/ OR National 4 People in Society (or above) or equivalent social subject qualification.

what will you get?

Knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories and terminology

The ability to use thinking skills when explaining and applying knowledge and understanding of psychology

Awareness of the role of research evidence in explaining human behaviour

Basic investigation skills to select, organise and interpret information

Awareness of ethical and scientific standards in psychological research

Basic communication and numeracy skills in psychology


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


N5 psychology allow you to pursue career options, largely in the healthcare & social services and life sciences sectors, but most other sectors would benefit from a better knowledge and understanding of human behaviour.  Examples of jobs are clinical psychologist, councillor, educational psychologist, early years practitioner, careers advisor, human resources advisor, forensic psychologist, management consultant, occupational therapist, psychotherapist, sport and exercise psychologist.

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 

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