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SCQF LEVEL 5 - National 5

The National 5 Physical Education course enables candidates to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to perform effectively in a range of physical activities and enhance their physical wellbeing. Candidates will undergo a ‘cycle of analysis’ across a range of activities and this will provide the basis for much of the written aspect of the course. This course is suited to candidates who enjoy improving their practical performance but also have a keen interest in the theory aspect of Physical Education. 

Please note some of the activities which may be on offer in our two National 5 courses: 


Traditional: Badminton, Basketball, Hockey 

Creative: Gymnastics, Netball, Dance 


National 5


1 Year full time/

160 hours


Portfolio – 60 Marks 


Two ‘One-Off’ Practical Performances – 30 Marks for each. 


No External Exam – Pupils grade will be based on their Portfolio Mark (50%) and the mark for their practical performances (50%) 




Mr Robertson 

Mr Carder

Mrs Simpson 

Mrs Craig 

Mrs May 

Mr Bridgwater

Miss Duff

Miss Ireland


Physical Education gives you the opportunity to develop your personal fitness and increase your enjoyment and skills in physical activities.  You will have the opportunity to improve your sports performance skills in a range of activities. Candidates work both independently and cooperatively to develop thinking and interpersonal skills. This makes physical education an ideal platform for developing confidence, resilience, responsibility and the ability to work with others. Experiential learning activities encourage candidates to develop an understanding of the benefits of participation in physical activities to their mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing.  It will help you to develop confidence, resilience, initiative, decision making and team working skills.  It is particularly suitable for those who love physical activity and enjoy learning in practical ways. 


Physical Education is a practical subject that develops your physical movement and performance skills.  You will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities and learn how to reflect on and improve your performance. Pupils should expect much of the course to be taught in a practical setting however at least one period per week will be classroom based to help reinforce the theory elements of the course and complete the portfolio. The course encourages candidates to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. It also supports the way that individual attitudes, values and behaviours are formed. The skills, knowledge and understanding that candidates acquire by successfully completing this course are transferable to learning, to life and to the world of work. The course aims to enable candidates to:


  • Develop the ability to safely perform a comprehensive range of movement and performance skills

  • Understand factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities

  • Build capacity to perform effectively

  • Develop approaches to enhance personal performance

  • Monitor, record and evaluate performance development 


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

Taking PE Studies in S3 would be beneficial however there are many candidates who would still be able to achieve a National 5 without this. 


National 4 in Physical Education 

what will you get?

The course is graded: 

A: Band 1; Band 2 

B: Band 3; Band 4 

C: Band 5; Band 6 

D: Band 7 


A practical performance must be assessed by a member of the Meldrum Academy PE team as required by the SQA (page 12 of the course specification - click here) . Following the guidance of this document (Activities for assessment – SQA guidance - page 3 - click here) it states activities that which are beyond or outside the expertise or resources of the physical education staff at the centre to be able to assess accurately are not acceptable for assessment.

We are not obliged to attend any activities out with our working time and will only do so at our discretion.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Most careers will benefit from your experience in Physical Education. Specifically, a career in sports science, teaching, physiotherapy, sports coaching, personal trainer, dietician are some examples of a career where Physical Education may be particularly relevant 


Some of the employability skills which are developed through Physical Education are: 

Leadership: Throughout the course you will have to communicate with your peers both when participating in game activities and during your training sessions. You will also be given the opportunity to plan and deliver your own training session. 

Co-operation: Many aspects of PE involves working in teams towards a common goal. Through playing team sports and carrying out your training sessions you will have to learn how to work well with others in the class for this process to be successful. 

Problem Solving: Throughout the cycle of analysis you will have to determine your strengths and weakness and discover how best to improve your performance. 

Planning & Organisation: You will be given the opportunity to plan and deliver your own training session.  

Taking Initiative: You will have to adapt your training sessions and ensure you take responsibility to develop your own performance. 

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Conor - S6

I chose this course as I really enjoyed PE and I wanted to further educate my knowledge on PE and the theory side of it. I enjoyed the course as it was very practical, and I was able to improve my performance and was able to learn a lot about the theory side of PE. I would recommend this course as it was fun and interesting. 

Sports Equipment

Alex - S6

I chose to do PE because I had an interest in the theory side of it and wanted to improve my skill level. Practical was always great and we were given the chance to improve our performance. I found the written work hard and a large part of the course is being able to write about what you have done in PE. It is a great course to build new relationships with people who you might not have spoken to before and improve your confidence.  

Boys During a Sports Practice
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