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SCQF LEVEL 5 - National 5

This course enables candidates to develop cookery-related knowledge, understanding and skills, and to use them at home, in the wider community and, ultimately, in employment.  Practical cookery will provide you with the opportunity to develop your cookery skills and apply them in the kitchen.  


National 5


1 Year full time/

160 hours


Assignment: 18 marks


Practical Exam: 82 Marks 


Written Paper: 30 Marks 




Mrs Blair  

Mrs Cruise



Healthy, nutritionally balanced food is crucial to our wellbeing.  The course will suit you if you love food and cooking and want to develop your skills in this area to a very high level.   


Being able to cook for yourself and others is a valuable life skill and can lead to a range of careers, including working in hotels and restaurants, the health sector and the food industry. In preparing candidates for life, the course anticipates their future needs and enables them to learn how to plan, prepare and cook food for themselves and others. It also develops organisational skills, which have an application in a wide variety of contexts. 

 The course aims to provide candidates with the experience to: Proficiently use a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes when following recipes. Select and use ingredients to produce and garnish or decorate dishes. Develop an understanding of the characteristics of ingredients and an awareness of their sustainability. Develop an understanding of current dietary advice relating to the use of ingredients. Plan and produce meals and present them appropriately. Work safely and hygienically  


The course contains a significant practical component, which involves experiential learning, and is supported by related theory. It uses real-life hospitality contexts, which makes it relevant to the world of 


To gain the award of the course the student must pass all the unit assessments as well as the practical assignment. These include both written & practical work.  


Examination Assessment comprises a final exam written time plan, equipment list and service details, prior to the assignment to plan, produce & present a three-course meal. In addition, there is also a final written paper which is completed in the main exam diet.  


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

A pass at National 4 Hospitality Practical Cookery  


A genuine interest in pursuing a career in the food industry or the health sector. 


*Please Note: Pupils who choose this course will have to be aware of the strict hygiene and safety operated in a food room. No painted, false, gel, acrylic, long nails, appropriate clothing and footwear and hair tied back, are all necessary to ensure high standards of food safety when in the kitchen. 

what will you get?

A: Band 1; Band 2 

B: Band 3; Band 4 

C: Band 5; Band 6 

D: Band 7 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Most careers will benefit from your experience in practical cookery. Specifically, a career in catering, dietician, nutritionist, budget analysis, childcare, chefs and head cooks. 


Some of the employability skills which are developed through practical cookery are: 

Planning and Organisation: 

During your practical tasks you will have to prepare ingredients and a food plan accordingly. Ensuring your workstation is kept clean and organised. 

Problem Solving: 

Working independently and demonstrating resilience in order to counter any issues you may need to resolve. 

Time Management: 

In order to follow a recipe, you will learn how to manage your time appropriately and multitask when necessary. 

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Jessica - S6

Practical cookery was a very enjoyable course because you were able to learn new skills to improve your ability to cook some good meals. I enjoyed learning new techniques and being given the chance to make a lot of different types of food. The exam is hard and the more practice you do at home the better. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn how to cook some great meals. 

Cooking Class

Fraser - S5

Practical cookery helped me to improve my cooking skills and improved my knowledge of healthy eating. I enjoyed being able to cook lots of different meals but found the written work hard to do. I would recommend this course if you want to learn how to cook and find out different recipes. 

Nutritional Cooking
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