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SCQF LEVEL 5 - National 5

This course will involve a mixture of practical and theoretical lessons and has been designed to enable learners to increase understanding and awareness of issues around mental health and wellbeing. Pupils will study influences on mental health and wellbeing and look at coping strategies and how to build resilience to support mental health and wellbeing. As a result, they will be better equipped to undertake further education, training or employment and live a healthy lifestyle.


National 5 award


1 Year / 5 periods a week


3 units which must be complete (see below)


No external exam




Mr Carder

Mr Robertson

Mrs Craig

Mrs Simpson

Mrs May

Mr Bridgwater

Miss Duff

Miss Ireland


This course will develop knowledge to support your own, peers and family’s mental health and wellbeing. This is a very relevant topic in society which can have an impact on learning, life and work. This may open up opportunities for progression towards employment training or other qualifications specifically within the area of health and social care, but is also extremely relevant to all future career paths.  Mental health and wellbeing is a very prominent feature within society currently and this will allow you to study a course which is extremely relevant in today’s world.


You will undertake three units throughout this course:


Unit 1: Understanding Mental Health Issues – In this unit you will explore what is meant by the term mental health and wellbeing for individuals and wider society. You will also be investigating a range of mental health issues and looking at the role of the brain in relation to mental health and wellbeing.


Unit 2: Influences on Mental Health and Wellbeing – In this unit you will study factors which may influence mental health and wellbeing. You will also focus on the influence on technology and social media on mental health and wellbeing.


Unit 3: Coping Strategies and Building Resilience – In this unit you will explore helpful and unhelpful coping strategies. You will consider how to promote good mental health in self and others and investigate different types of support and ways to address barriers to support mental health and wellbeing.


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

No specific entry requirements are needed but a keen interest in increasing your understanding of issues around mental health and wellbeing as well as a willingness to participate fully in both practical and theoretical concepts would be beneficial.

what will you get?

Should pupils complete all three Units they will obtain the National 5 award in Mental Health and Wellbeing. Throughout this course pupils will develop skills such as building resilience, improving self-esteem and self-confidence, personal responsibility, problem solving and the ability to work well and provide support to others.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Due to the nature of the Health and Wellbeing course and the skills which you will develop most careers will benefit from your experience. Specific links can be made to employment within health and social care.

Employability skills which are improved through the Health and Wellbeing course are:

Building Resilience – This course arms young people with healthy coping strategies through participation in group and individual tasks.

Working with Others – This course involves contributing to a group and providing support and encouragement to others.

Problem Solving – Engagement with tasks which require research and critical thinking.

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 


Information from others who have taken this course

Natasha - S5

This is a fun course. You get to learn more about peoples mental health and wellbeing and how it affects you and how you can go about helping yourself. You also get to do practical periods of PE in your week

Therapy Ball

Evie - S4

This course was good because you got to learn more about peoples mental health and wellbeing whilst also learning how to deal with and prevent problems, through things like mindfulness and physical activities.

Young Teacher

Below are some other student experiences from West Lothian college (Aug 2020 – SQA Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards Blog)

“I really enjoyed learning more about MH. It has helped me look at my own mental health and made me aware of how important self-care is, how everyone can be affected by MH and the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health.”

“My favorite unit was the Brain chemistry and how the brain works I really enjoyed this and thought it was fascinating”

“Researching celebrities who have MH conditions made me realise I’m not the only one who feels this way and that I can get better”

“I didn’t know just how much chemicals in your brain play a part in it all, and also different ways of managing your emotions. It gave me a chance to understand that I can have some control over what chemicals take over my brain more, for example releasing more happy endorphins by taking some exercise if I’m feeling quite low.”

“We also were given a chance to have some great people coming in to speak to our class, and give us helpful tips on how to look after our mental health, which we can practice in future and also pass the tips on to others.”

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