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This qualification covers areas such as understanding of SFA refereeing, concentrating on knowledge and understanding of the Laws of the Game of football. It also includes learning about formal controls, misconduct, match reports and fitness standards for referees. This knowledge is drawn together by refereeing a football match.


Level 7


1 Year - 3 periods per week


Unit 2 - see below


Unit 1 - see below




Mr Carder & Mr Robertson


Pupils taking this course must have a firm interest in the game of football and/or officiating in a game. Pupils will develop the skills and abilities not only to lead/control/manage a game of football but will also develop skills that will help them in many other areas of their education and life.

NOTE: You will need to make some commitment to after school football games to officiate as part of the course. 


Through this, pupils will develop their organisational, time management, knowledge of the game and leadership skills. At the end of the course pupils will develop necessary skills to referee an official football game and the procedures with it.


Assessment is broken into two units.


Unit 1 requires the pupils to pass the laws of the game exam and participate in all practical lessons (80% or above to pass).


Unit 2 is broken down into 4 outcomes.


  • Outcome 1 will be assessed using Scottish FA’s audio-visual playback of match incidents (FIFA), to identify and analyse the formal controls and procedures used in a football match.

  • Outcome 2 will be assessed by recorded evidence of match reports, recording misconduct and other offences in a formal letter and pro forma styles.

  • Outcome 3 will be assessed by a fitness test approved by the Scottish FA and the production of a personal development diary.

  • Outcome 4 will be assessed once candidates have achieved Outcomes 1, 2 and 3 by refereeing a football match.


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

This is at the discretion of the Principal Teacher, but pupils would be expected to have attained one or more of the following:


  • A level 4 in the CfE Physical Education strands of Co-operating and Competing and Evaluating and Appreciating

  • Relevant experience in Physical Education and Sport

  • An excellent participation record in physical education

  • Higher PE and/or L6 Sport development

  • A willingness to give your time after school to referee some school football matches for experience 

what will you get?

Pupils will develop the following skills:


  • The ability to work as a member of a group

  • Basic leadership skills

  • The ability to work without direct supervision

  • Experience of football or knowledge of the game is desirable.


  • At the end of the course pupils can obtain a category 7 Refereeing award. This will allow them to pursue a career in Refereeing should they choose to register with SFA.


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


  • Employment in the fitness and leisure industry

  • Employment in the sports development industry

  • Progression towards PE teaching.

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 

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