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The National Progression Award in Sports Development is a suitable course if you have an interest in sport and physical activity and are willing to contribute to the provision and development of opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity within the school and local community setting.  The course provides opportunities to develop communication, working with others, problem solving, ICT and numeracy skills. 


NPA Level 6 Sport Development


1 Year full time/

5 periods per week


Unit 1: Activity and Participation Opportunities in the Community. 


Unit 2: Investigate Activity Development Opportunities in an Organisation 


No external exam




Mrs Craig 

Mrs May 

Mr Robertson 

Mr Carder

Mrs Simpson 

Mr Bridgwater

Miss Duff

Miss Ireland


Sports Development provides candidates with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a sporting context. You will be given the opportunity to build up your confidence, organisation and communication skills through participation in practical activities before putting these into practice by completing 10 sessions at an extra-curricular club. This will give you hands on experience in leadership role and offer you the opportunity to evaluate your progress and further enhance your skills. 


This course will also enable candidates to gain a deeper knowledge of the health benefits of sport and exercise as well as the opportunity to put this into practice through practical sessions. Through investigative and critical thinking activities candidates will develop a greater understanding of terminology, working practices, the significance of research, personal skills, local and national targets together with political objectives for sport and fitness.  


The course consists of two units both of which must be completed to obtain the full award.    

Unit 1 - Candidates must complete a portfolio of evidence in the form of a logbook to record and evaluate a minimum of 10 sessions as a participant and as a volunteer within a selected role.  Knowledge of the benefits of participation in physical activity sessions to the individual and wider community must also be evidenced.  

Unit 2 – Candidates must produce a portfolio of evidence in the form of a sports development proposal.  This should include identification of the concept of sports development, data collection and analysis of current provision, identification of potential development projects and a description of the viability of a project proposal. 


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

what will you get?

There are no specific entry requirements however a National 5 in Physical Education and a National 5 in English would be beneficial. 

A strong interest in sport and fitness is a must! 

In order to obtain the full award, you must pass both units: 

Unit 1:

Activity and Participation Opportunities in the Community. 

SCQF credit points: 6

SCQF level: 6

SQA credit value: 1

Unit 2:

Investigate Activity Development Opportunities in an Organisation.


SCQF credit points: 12

SCQF level: 6

SQA credit value: 2



Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Due to the nature of the sport development course and the skills which you will develop most careers/further education courses will benefit from your experience. Very specific links can be made to sports coaching, teaching, sports development officer, sports media, physiotherapist, psychologist. 


Employability skills which are improved through Sports Development are: 

Leadership: You will be required to lead practical sessions throughout the year. This will contribute to developing your communication skills, confidence and adaptability. 

Organisation: You will be given the opportunity to plan and prepare sessions. You will also be required to manage your time effectively to complete your research proposal. 

Taking Initiative: You will be in situations where you must think on your feet and be decisive. 

Teamwork: You will be in situations where you must co-operate with your peers, members of staff and the active school's co-ordinator in order to be successful. 

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

Saif - S6

I chose Sports Development so I could develop my leadership skills for when I am coaching the S1/2 basketball team. This course has helped to improve my confidence and communication skills when delivering a session. Sports Development has also helped me to escape from exam stress and have fun in different sports. If you’re a coach/assistant or looking to be, I would highly recommend taking sports development as it will help massively with planning sessions and for the skills to lead it. 

Vintage Baseball sport

Connor - S5

I picked sports development to improve my coaching skills and it has not disappointed. The course is really enjoyable because you normally learn through participation, so you are active most of the time. I would recommend this course for anyone interested in sports coaching. 

Tennis Balls

Connor - S6

I took the subject because I enjoy PE and I also enjoy coaching. It has been fun because the class is quite small and everyone takes part and enjoys themselves. I would recommend that if you take this course you need to set spare time to completing the written aspects of this subject as time management is key. 

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