SCQF LEVEL 6 - Higher 

The course covers important chemical concepts used to take a chemical process from the researcher’s bench through to industrial production. The concept of the mole allows the quantities of reagents required to be calculated, and the quantity of products predicted. By studying energy, rates and equilibria, candidates can suggest how reaction conditions can be chosen to maximise the profitability of an industrial process. You will experience and learn about industrial analytical chemistry techniques, such as volumetric analysis and chromatography. You will gain an understanding of chemical bonding and intermolecular forces that allows them to predict the physical properties of materials. This will be applied to solve problems in a range of diverse contexts such as the chemistry of cooking. The course enables candidates to make their own decisions on issues within a modern society, where scientific knowledge and its applications and implications are constantly developing. 


Higher Chem


1 Year full time/

6 periods per week


Assignment (20%)


2 paper  

Multiple choice – 40 minutes  

Paper 2 – 2.5 hours




Mrs Davidson 

Dr Jerrow 

Ms Long 

Mrs Martin 

Mrs Przygoda 



This course is ideal for those with an interest in chemistry or for those wishing to continue through the courses to Advanced Higher and beyond such as engineering, science based courses and medicine. The course also provides a knowledge base that is useful in the study of other sciences. 


The Higher Chemistry emphasises practical and experiential learning opportunities, with a strong skills based approach to learning. You have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the impact of chemistry on their everyday lives by applying their knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts in practical situations. You develop your transferable skills further to think analytically, creatively and independently, and to make reasoned evaluations in a chemical context. 

Practical activity and skills-based learning  

Opportunity to work in groups  

Opportunity to develop problem solving skills and scientific literacy  

A breadth of topics to suit all interests  

High quality learning and teaching  


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

National 5 A/B or a crash higher (if recommended; this would require a high degree of self-study to ensure that a familiarity of chemical formula (including structural formula) and writing of chemical reaction equations is achieved as a pre-requisite.)  

what will you get?

  • Higher Science Qualification – desirable for many university and/or college course either as a specific entry condition or to complement expected transferable skills 

  • Practical laboratory skills useful in the industrial sector 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


The range of careers that would benefit from attaining this course are wide ranging. Here are a few career areas on apprentice and/or university level: 

  • Engineering 

  • Manufacturing, Production and Quality Control 

  • Food Sciences 

  • Medicine and Health Care 

  • Chemical Industry and Sciences 

  • Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy 

  • Energy sector 

my world of work

This link will take you to an excellent resource on MyWOW which looks at potential career routes when you select a combination of subjects. 


Information from pupils who have studied this course as to how they feel it was.

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