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Foundation apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for pupils to gain work placed learning experience. 

Meldrum Academy supports 2 models of delivery of foundation apprenticeships. These models are Aberdeenshire councils model (delivered in school as an option block with a work based placement) and a NESCOL model (delivered at College with a work based placement). The information below shows what you will study and what outcomes you will achieve if successful.

Please click the YouTube link to access videos outlining existing Foundation Apprenticeships

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Foundation apprenticeships - SCQF level 6 (Higher eqv)


Foundation apprenticeships - SCQF level 6 (Higher eqv)

Please click here for a link to NESCOL for an overview of foundation apprenticeships.

Please note that this model of delivery will require pupils to travel to and from College independently and will cut across subject choices. Individual timetables will be catered for suitably.

Further information

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Foundation apprenticeship 1.PNG
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