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Core PE aims to provide pupils with the skills to participate in lifelong physical activity by providing a range of different experiences across a variety of activities. We try to encourage as much personalisation and choice by offering you the opportunity to select from a range of activities each term so you can engage with the activity you feel you will get the most out of. As well as the physical benefits of regular activity, taking part in PE can also boost your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy. We also offer an extensive extra-curricular program which students have the opportunity to engage in throughout the year.


Aims of Core PE

To promote challenge and enjoyment in Physical Education.

Through a range of activities students will continue to develop

  • Skills and techniques to enhance performance

  • Personal fitness through practical experiences

  • An ability to cooperate and communicate effectively with others

  • An ability to analyse personal strengths and development needs in relation to performance

  • The opportunity to develop leadership skills.


Please Note:

All pupils are expected to get changed into PE kit (including those with a minor injury).  This will allow your child to participate to the best of their ability in each lesson and even if injured be included in the lesson and for their learning to continue to develop.  For example, this might involve them carrying out different roles as a referee, scorekeeper or timekeeper.


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