SCQF LEVEL 6 - Higher

The media plays a central role in our world. It affects society at all levels, from economics, politics, community, culture and individual.

In this course you will analyse the media and its role in everyday life. You will develop your analytical and critical skills through looking at various examples of texts from newspapers, TV, film, radio or the internet. And, you will improve your creative and expressive skills when you learn to create your own media content.

The skills you learn in this course are useful in many career areas. This includes writing, the performing arts, journalism and publishing.


Higher Media


1 Year full time/

5 periods per week 


60 marks


70 marks


No necessary costs


Mrs M Thomson


See introduction above.


The course consists of two areas of study.

Analysing media content

You will learn how and why media content is constructed in particular ways, the potential use or effect of media content, the relationship between media content and context(s) and the similarities and differences between different pieces of media content.

Key areas: media content, media contexts, role of media in society, analysis skills.

Creating media content

You will learn about creating media content relevant to particular purposes, audiences and contexts. You may make such content as a short film or trailer, a print or moving-image advertising campaign, a poster campaign, or a few pages of a magazine.

Key areas: Planning and research, Production processes, evaluation, application of key aspects of media literacy.


Everything you need to know before selecting this course

entry requirements

You would normally have achieved:

  • Be studying or have studied English at National 5 or Higher level, or Media at National 5 level.

what will you get?

The course assessment has three components totalling 130 marks:

  • Component 1: question paper 1 (Analysis of media content) – worth 50 marks (consisting of ­­two sections: section 1 worth 40 marks, and section 2 worth 10 marks)

  • Component 2: question paper 2 (The role of media) – worth 20 marks

  • Component 3: assignment – worth 60 marks (consisting of two sections: section 1: Planning, worth 30 marks and section 2 Development, worth 30 marks).

For the assignment component, you will be asked to plan and develop media content in response to a negotiated brief.

Both the question paper and the assignment are set and externally marked by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

The grade awarded is based on the total marks achieved across course assessment.

The course assessment is graded A-D.


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