Digital passport is an ideal course for any student who has a broad interest in computing related technologies but who is not confident with computer programming. 



Digital Passport will give learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in handling information, in understanding and using computer networks, and in using social media safely, legally and ethically. Learners will also develop confidence and skills in using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops and they will gain an understanding of digital citizenship that includes educational, community, political and business aspects. 

The course consists of three broad areas of study, which are delivered as a combination of taught lessons and individual research tasks.  


Information Literacy 

This Unit is designed learners who want to acquire knowledge and skills in using and understanding information. It aims to educate citizens in the acquisition, use, organisation and evaluation of information. Learners undertaking this Unit will enhance their information skills and become active participants in the information society. 


Social Media Literacy 

The Unit covers practical skills in the use of social media (including how to use it safely) and provides a theoretical basis to its historical development, unique characteristics, current uses, and the opportunities and threats it poses. Learners will develop their knowledge of the different types of social media and be given practical experience of using social media for personal and educational purposes. 


Network Literacy 

This Unit is designed to deepen their knowledge and skills in using contemporary networks, such as the internet, and network devices, such as smartphones. It aims to educate citizens in the productive, responsible and critical use of digital technologies. Learners undertaking this Unit will enhance their digital skills and become active participants in the networked society. 


Everything you need to know before selecting this course


Homework will be given to reinforce your learning and to assess your progress.   

How you will be assessed

Work will be assessed through  


  • Creation of an e-portfolio 

  • On-line tests 


Everything you need to know about future pathways from this course


Digital Passport is relevant to a number of different employment opportunities outside of IT as well as providing a good foundation for further study in computer related technologies. 


Careers with IT Skills  

S4 and beyond

NPA L5/6 Digital Passport 

NPA Web Design 

National 4/5 Computer Science

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